Ebook: The Love journey (Okunola Segun)

Relationship has been considered as something beyond enjoyment at a particular time needed to suit the urge of pleasure. In fact, relationship is considered a life of two persons who come into agreement of loving each other till eternity.

Relationship is a broad term depends on how people posit or view it to be. This book has been written to remove every snare, ignorance and ingratitude for true love, even for having someone as your own.
The book is a beautiful, elegant and powerful story of what constitutes true love. The novelist is able to use his artistic intellect to present the sacrifices involved in order to have a pleasant relationship.

 Perfection is never found anywhere but we learn to stomach one another. The life of sacrifice the protagonist, Adebayo, lives just to find his true love is actually worthy of emulation. The book will be of great asset to the existing and upcoming couple that will be willing to have a better marital life. Marriage is a life commitment. It would be extremely advantageous to take time to find someone that will make the journey more interesting. This book attests to the saying " Man proposes, God disposes". Adebayo ventures into many relationship with the intention of finding perfection until he realises that life itself is like the road that is full of portholes. We just have to learn how best to drive on it in order to have a smooth journey. 

A successful relationship requires the sacrifice of the persons involved. He will have engaged in an endless journey if he has not maintained a borderline with Kemisola.
It is not just a story about a man who engages in a  journey to find perfection in relationship but a story that will acclimatise a broken relationship into a better form.

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Ebook: The Love journey (Okunola Segun) Ebook: The Love journey (Okunola Segun) Reviewed by Ojo Ayomiotan Daniel(c.e.o Ayomite media) on March 22, 2023 Rating: 5

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