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Ayomite media(formerly Ayomite blog) is a modern multi-media platform for vital information broadcast.
In today's world, there are tons of informational utters. But we are here to select and emphasis on vital and real information, Also that is very interesting, Entertaining and useful Globally.

Our content
Our content is not only unique, it's very informative, educative and outstanding, its also makes an impact Generally.

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Founded by Tech. Ojo Ayomiotan Daniel, Ayomite media has come a long way from its beginning in Lagos, Nigeria.
Ojo Ayomiotan Daniel is an entrepreneur, a tech savvy and currently a Graduate of Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA)  in the department of physics and Electronics having keen passion for science, engineering, and technology, Also prolific in Digital marketing, web development, Graphics design, painting (production & application), e.t.c

Ayomite media & Technology is officially registered with SMEDAN No: SUIN73536121

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