SATIN PAINT PRODUCTION - How To Produce Satin Paint in Lagos

Free online information on how to produce satin paint in lagos, Nigeria! 

We all know that satin paint is different from emulsion paint due to their mode of production and texture when applied, satin is basically called nylon paint and it can be cleaned gently with soft cloth/foam and water when it stains.

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Easy steps to produce satin paint within 30 minutes below
For the Production of Satin paint , Use About -- litres of water,Then Add  calgon in small quantity not calcium, take note, then add litres of titanium dioxide.

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 After the titanium dioxide,you can now add some litres of acruna then Add Nitrosol to make the paint ticker in texture.
Note :You dont need  P.V.A gum or you can add little P.V.A gum not in excess.

Now add defoamer to remove any foaming particles on the paint surface followed by texanol to bring out the shining quality of the paint then Add ammonia and formalin as usual for preservation and finally add  little hydrosol to bring out the scent of the paint,lastly add your favourite colour using liquid paste or organic Oxide,Your washable satin paint is ready to Beautify your house and for your Business purpose. 

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