How Do E-cigarette Affect Your Body System in U.s.a

Lots of people believe
electronic cigarettes,also called e-cigarettes or vapes) are a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. But with a recent report from the U.S. surgeon general calling e-cigarette use “a major public health concern,” this may not be the case. The FDA
reports an alarming 900% rise in e-cigarette use among high school
students from 2011 to 2015. Get the facts on this popular, and potentially dangerous,product.

How do they work?You don’t actually light up an e-cig; they’re powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Instead of burning tobacco, the “e-liquid” is vaporized in aheating chamber when
the user inhales. The replaceable liquidcartridge contains nicotine mixed with a base (usually propylene
glycol), along with flavorings and chemicals.The tip often contains
LED lights that simulate the glow of a burning cigarette.
E-cigarettes are available in flavors like cherry, bubble gum, and cotton
candy, and are allowed to
be advertised on TV, which may increase their appeal for children and

Are they safe? Proponents of e-
cigarettes claim they’re safer than smoking because they don’t
contain the more than 60 cancer causing chemicals in tobacco
smoke. But e-cigs still deliver harmful
chemicals, including nicotine, the extremely addictive substance in
cigarettes. And studies show that brands claiming to be “nicotine-
free” may still have trace amounts. Developing teenage brains are
especially sensitive to nicotine's addictive properties.
See what e-cigs do to your body:
It causes effect in the lungs, Brain, heart, immune system and disturbs human behavior..
It is advisable to quit it or minimize the consumption of E-cigarett
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