LARGE PAINT PRODUCTION - How To Produce 1 Drum(240litres) Of Emulsion Paint In Nigeria

Learn how to produce Emulsion paint in Nigeria ( Large quality Emulsion paint - 240 litres).

This paint information is absolutely free and cheap for all painters willing to start large paint production, paint producers and starter who is willing to produce emulsion paint of 1 drum(240litres) in Nigeria, Africa generally and abroad according to their absolute measurements and materials needed to produce a drum of paint.
Paint making is a very lucrative business in Nigeria and all over the world, continue reading below:

Absolute measurement And materials needed for large paint production,1 drum of paint(240 litres) in Nigeria.

Do you know you can get 60pails of 4litres and 12bucket of 20litres in a drum
Of paint which is measured 240litres?.

You need to know the Absolute materials Needed to produce 1 drum of emulsion paint and certain measurements as listed below;

1. Water : you need some buckets of water to produce a drum of emulsion paint.

2. Calcium : calcium is the body builder for paint production,very essential in producing any paint.

3. Titanium Dioxide : This works as a coverage agent in paint production, it needed to produce a paint.

4. Ammonia : it serves as preservative agent to make your paint last longer for personal use or commercial market purpose

5. P.V.A gum : it serves as an adhesive agent to hold all liquid substance together.

6. Natrosol : this can serve as a viscosity agent to bring out the thickness and quality of the paint.

7. Organic oxides/liquid paste : these two can serve as colourant when you are producing coloured paints.

How to produce large quantity emulsion paint(1 Drum).

•After getting your drum ready,pour the water inside the drum then grab your stirrer.
Note:you need to stir it massively with effort.
•Now pour your calcium inside the water and stir till it all dissolves to liquid, Then mix and pour your titanium dioxide and stir thoroughly again.
•After stirring, then pour your P.V.A Gum with Ammonia solution and stir well,then be ready to pour your natrosol after mixing with water,stir throughly and leave the mixture for 20minutes.
•your emulsion paint is ready for use,then you can start adding colours that suits you..

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  1. please how do I stop sedimentation in my emulsion paint

  2. Please where can i buy the chemicals in a large form. I base at Oyo state

    1. you can check around and also meet paint dealers for more enquiries Whatsapp me +2347039049743

  3. Good morning sir please if I want to do chocolate color like one pocket like how mean Titan I will put in said

  4. Please sir, how much will it cost me to produce three buckets

    1. Confirm at paint chemical stores if you know the appropriate materials to use becuse there is price inflation currently

  5. Please sir, how can produce textcoat paint

    1. If you can produce Emulsion, Add smooth and sharp marble dust and thickener, Texcoat is ready

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