How to Stop Masturbation, from an Ex-Masturbator

How to Stop Masturbation! Learning from an Ex-Masturbator

Masturbation according to Wiktionary is the “manual erotic stimulation of the genitals of other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner.” In a figurative sense, masturbation means a “villain activity.”

Generally speaking, masturbation can be by oneself or with a partner. In the real sense, when we talk about masturbation, our minds rush to see it from the perspective of a sole activity (that is, an act committed to oneself).  
Many online scholars, bloggers and others have come to address the merits and demerits of masturbation which many people in the world are now addicted to. To detach oneself from this act is one of the most difficult things ever! I felt this and passed through the fire.
Using my life as a case study, I am going to give you exclusive tips on how to stop masturbating. However, these tips I used may work or not work for you depending on your determination to make this happen.
Going through several publications on the internet about masturbation, I feel bad because websites with high domain authority and good rankings misinform us about the reality of this activity.
If God’s willing, this article will gain popular support and de-rank ill-full content on the internet. Masturbation is harmful, full of harm and can result in many negative things when it gets to a chronic stage.
Popular history and belief, though lopsided, established that masturbation used to be the last recourse of men in ancient Greece when women were not available. One feels guilty and shame after masturbation.
This is due to people’s background, how they are raised, their cultures, religions and other beliefs. Any other sexual activity that is not to procreate is illicit, horrible and can deplete human senses towards normalcy and abnormalities in our society.

Here are few tips on how to stop masturbation:

Masturbation: Right Definition

The first thing to do to stop masturbation is to redefine it in your mind if there is a need for it. People from across the world see this act from different perspectives. 
Some see it as a harmless thing, while another sees it as a very horrible thing for a reasonable, normal and sensible person to do. I fall under the second category.
You might have come across many articles on the internet that have eased or confused you with scholarly articles about masturbation as a harmless sexual activity. The first thing is to get to read better articles that make simple analyses and explanations on how bad this is and can cause to you.
When you are aware of the danger of masturbating, and your mind detests it, you’ve set a solid foundation for your body to attest to it. Now, be occupied with reasonable content both on and off social media platforms (a source of abnormalities).

Off-social Masturbation

If you really want this to stop in your life, delete all WhatsApp contacts that post nudity on their status. Do not have any excuse to keep them. My experience with some irrelevant contacts that post nude lets me know that they do more harm than good.
Some of these contacts run TVs on their status and a few of them post nude pictures or videos at the end of their status for that day to engage viewers. 
Know this fact; whether their posts are nude or they cover it up by using blur or mosaic tools, it passes nude messages to your subconscious mind. Therefore, get those contacts deleted!
In addition to this, do the same for your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Unfriend people that need to be stayed away from, leave porn-related groups and don’t be among those people that look for leaked videos of celebrities up and down when you are also condemning this act.
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