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Don't lag behind, join Crewdle Now, Anyone can join, Crewdle is a video conferencing, online meeting, and online collaboration platform that allows business to interact with their suppliers, partners and customers via live, one to many or one to one video chat. With crewdle, you will be able to create or join a meeting, without having to download anything.

What is Crewdle?

Crewdle is a new way to do your video calls and your video conferences, it developed extensible distributed technologies that transform how businesses and individuals collaborate and meet remotely, offering secure, green, and easy to use video communication tools, Crewdle is secure as it’s technology doesn’t rely on servers, your streams on the platform are truly encrypted from end-to-end between every participant in a virtual meeting. 

Features of crewdle

Crewdle as a video conferencing and an online meeting app, it has a lot of features that will makes you to be willing to choose the platform over other platforms that offer the same service. In this section, I am going to outline all the features of the platform and everything you need to know about each features.

Personal ID meeting room

Crewdle allows you to create your own personal meeting room by claiming your personal ID. When creating a personal ID room, you will receive a short URL with your personal ID. You will share that link and it will enable people to easily reach you. Meet your contacts in your personalized room or join a contact’s room in just a click.

Ad-hoc meetings

The ad-hoc meetings is another amazing features of the platform, from your dashboard or one of the platform integrations, you will be able to easily create new ad hoc meetings and invite the people you want. Adhoc meetings are useful to create unique meeting rooms with a dynamic link that’s easy to copy and share.

Invite participants

This is a feature that create a room for many individuals to join your meeting, you will be able to invite other participants using dynamic links that will open the meeting room either in a browser (for desktop computer or mobile device) or in crewdle mobile application installed on iOS or Android.

Social logins

Just in case you don’t want to enter an email and a password for Crewdle, that’s not an issue at all. The platform have make it easy to create an account or log in to your account using your Facebook, Google or Apple accounts. This is in a bid to make sure that everyone is able to have easy access to the platform and make use of it’s services without any form of interruption.


Ability to record meetings Crewdle let you decide whether to record or not. If you do record the meeting, easily share with participants after the event for them to view at a later time. The video and audio are recorded in the Crewdle cloud, and the recording files can be streamed from a browser.

This is a great hassle-free option. So, if you have always wanted to record your meetings and makes is available for streaming without occupying space on your phone, crewdle just make it easier for you.

Screen sharing 

Want to share your screen to show something to the other participants? Making a presentation to your colleagues? Crewdle makes it easy to share a tab from your browser, an application or your entire screen to the other participants.


crewdle is embedded with a chat option, which while on a call, allows you to send messages to the other participants or to share a link. The text chat uses peer-to-peer technologies as well meaning they are also sent without using a server. Everything is encrypted from end-to-end, meaning completely secure, private and confidential.

Live Streaming

If you have interest in reaching your audience in real-time, then you can take advantage of live streaming and broadcast from any location and connect to your audience, wherever they are. As simple as holding a virtual meeting, manage your event like a pro and create the perfect experience.

Watch Party

Watch Party allows you to watch your favorite show, movie, event or concert live, or recorded, with the other participants. You all get to watch and hear the same stream together. The most exciting is being able to interact with  each other at the same time

Remote control

In addition to collaborating and interacting live during a meeting, there is a remote control feature, let’s say someone else requests to have control to share their part of a presentation – the remote control function also enables you to activate the mute function for all that are attending or, sometimes, just for that one person that’s chatting on the side.

Your streams are truly encrypted at all times, Sign up Now, click below


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