The indefinite closure of AAUA and its adverse effect on the students

Author: Idowu Daniel.

The academic institutions in Nigeria was established with motive of training and equipping young minds with adequate knowledge and skills required to produce leaders of nations, captains of industries, successful entrepreneur and lots more in the society but for a while now this has not been the case. The school authorities released a circular containing the indefinite closure of the school on November 22, 2021, this decision taken by the school authorities is a square peg in a square hole, but with every decision comes a consequence, so here are a few of many consequences from this decision;

1. Increase in fraudulent activities in the cyber space
The school has always been a means of keeping the minds of students occupied with academic activities, now with the indefinite closure of the school the minds of the students are now left idle and an idle mind is the devil's workshop, many would take solace in the fast rising internet fraud which is rampant amongst students in Nigeria, thereby increasing criminal activities on social media and the likes.

2. increase in the number of stipulated years to study a course 
The closure of the school indefinitely is not a new thing in the academic community as many students are used to this decision, but it's effect is an increase in the number of years to study each course and before a number of years can be apportioned to a certain course it must have been studied, researched and found out to be enough for a student to learn almost everything they need to know about that field of study, but this closure disorganizes the systemic learning of the student hereby giving birth to incompetent graduates.

3. Decrease in the desire to be Educated
"Education is the key " this saying has lost its value even within the academic space, the saying has been edited to "Education is the key, but the padlock has been changed" it's hilarious but this is actually the mindset of many students going into the academic space to learn, many just want to acquire the certificate to show they are a graduate, this has water down the main thing, so we have many graduates but they are not educated, many don't even understand what they are studying, now many students feel they have made a mistake in coming to school or it's a waste of time.

These few facts out of many are the adverse effects of this indefinite closure of the school.

Credit: Idowu Daniel
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