Sahara Reporters, Sunday Igboho, and Terrorism: the Road to Digital Consciousness among the Muslim Faithful

Faforiji Tadese Obaloluwa Ismael  

Well, ‘it does not mean much’ is the response whenever something bad are attached, dubbed or pushed to the Muslims. It is no doubt that social media has more negative impact in the society than positive impact. Almost all media websites in Nigeria are still at their infancy stage. In fact they are yet to mature. A typical story that ought to be treated in an article will be bifurcated into tens of headlines with different catching words, just to attract readers. Well, I am not to blame anybody concerning the trending issue of Sahara Reporters ‘equating’  Sunday Igboho with the prophet of God, Muhammad (S.A.W), in a story published on Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

Unfortunately, this senseless statement is said by the National Publicity Secretary of Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, Afenifere, Jare Ajayi. In fact, until all senses are back to normalcy, the source of the statement was still rigidly withheld. As a nation, how do we move on when there is religious intolerance?
Without doubt, Islam, Muslims, and everything relating with this monotheistic religion are being tarnished by corrupt media houses all over the world, especially in Nigeria. However, the society itself   knows that Islam is a RELIGION OF PEACE. Muslims, not only in Nigeria but in the secular world entirely, have been pushed to the dead end; however, it remains the fastest-growing religion all over the world with over one billion population. Every day the artificial arrangements of the secular ramifications are getting clearer, and people keep accepting Islam. 
 I live my life with both the Christians and the Muslims. I've been to ‘churches’ and ‘mosque’. I’ve used over a decade with Christianity and years in Islam. I study History and International Studies, and can read both the Quran and the Bible fluently. The waves of history and the trends in the secular world are targeted towards the image of Islam. Terrorism all over the world are said to be caused by ‘radical Islamic’ factors, as normally used by lecturers and considerable numbers of students. 
We see the truth, yet we try to infiltrate the peace of the country. Let's all the Muslims all over the world be digitally conscious. Muslims love peace: they keep mute on unnecessary distorted stories like the one made by Sahara Reporters against prophet Muhammed today. Muslims should be ready stop keeping mute on allegations on internet; post reality as they post falsity. Be ready to show the world your views, and made clear your immediate experience in your surroundings that Muslims are lovers of peace; rather the enemies of Islam are ‘trying’ to distort the reality in our society.  
This is something a Muslim won’t try with other religions, yet people will be interested in calling them terrorists, and unfortunately big engines in the world (especially of West-inclined) would like to take part in the propagation of distorted stories. Why do we like to torment peaceful atmosphere? What is the essence of distortion in a godly society for goodness’ sake?
 Anyway, there is no how a society will be without its own peculiar oddities. Unfortunately duckling, childish, immature journalism is the major problem of Nigeria. Since all trains are targeted towards the distortion of reality, Muslims, be digitally active, the world is revolting. Allah guide us to the right part.
Sahara Reporters, Sunday Igboho, and Terrorism: the Road to Digital Consciousness among the Muslim Faithful Sahara Reporters, Sunday Igboho, and Terrorism: the Road to Digital Consciousness among the Muslim Faithful Reviewed by Ojo Ayomiotan Daniel(c.e.o Ayomite media) on July 27, 2021 Rating: 5

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