AAUASU 001: The Moment Slimcase Campaigns for Master.B (Video)

   Inarguably, the AAUASU election is the most anticipated event currently on campus, the supporters of different groups can no longer wait to see their aspirants on the seats. Some of the aspirants also engage themselves in using both physical and financial resources to create awareness. The most notable of the aspirants are that of the Student Union (SU) top seat who gained wider supporters among the students due to charisma, and other cherished qualities of a leader- vocality, responsibility, altruistic, vibrancy, humbleness, friendliness, and others. 
Slimcase shouts [email protected] phcre: Tadexprof

Slimcase also shows happy moment as he cheers with the aspirant in his last show on Campus. Oluwafemi Oladapo Oke-Eko popularly known as his stagename Slimcase is a Nigerian recording artist and songwriter. 

Video here.....

    The star's visit to AAUA is a very much anticipated one before he comes. Most of his fans long forward to welcoming the star and when he arrives, the whole bubbles blast! 

Notably before he leaves, Mr Slimcase dances to the tune of an aspirant for the post of AAUASU president, Mr. Adinlewa Joseph Bisodun, popularly known as MASTER.B, as he raises a unionist voice along with Adinlewa's supporters, "Master.B @SUG 0️⃣0️⃣1️⃣"

Watch video below;


AAUASU 001: The Moment Slimcase Campaigns for Master.B (Video) AAUASU 001: The Moment Slimcase Campaigns for Master.B (Video) Reviewed by Tadexprof on June 14, 2021 Rating: 5

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