Brief fact about Julius Berger (Biography, Life and Death)

The world renowned construction magnate whose construction company  "Julius Berger" built most of our bridges and many Nigerian edifices.

He was born in 1862 in Zempelburg, a small town in Germany. His father sent him to Berlin at the age of 12 to take up an apprenticeship with a leather wholesale firm. He returned to the family transport business three years later in 1878. He soon found himself more frequently transporting building materials instead of grain.
It was this transportation of building materials that led to his becoming increasingly familiar with the construction industry.
When he had learned enough, he switched professions and started his own construction company named after him. According to findings, Julius Berger company came into Nigeria in the month of August 1965. The first bridge they constructed in Nigeria was Eko Bridge in Lagos. They also built the 3rd Mainland Bridge. He died in the year 1942.
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