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Sunday Igboho, crypto Currencies, Lekki Toll Gate, Fulani Herdsmen, Olosho: A Travel to Anarchy.

      Nigeria: The Rich Men Rule the Law 
Laws guide the poor and rich men rule the law (Bisi Odeyemi)

       According to Cicero, history repeats itself, but whenever it does the price goes up. The rapid flow of information has made the atrocities of power to be so much glaring in Nigeria. Now it is hard to blissfully feed oneself with morning news without shedding tears for ‘victims of kidnap’, people killed by accident along, killed by the force during the enforcement of.., died from diseases…... etc. The diversion of atrocities from citizen-citizen to government-citizen is an unfortunate incident that deserves strong concern, not only from activists in Nigeria but also international bodies, if truly beings want to exist in Nigeria by this fully loaded 2023 (perhaps the year of division). 

           The killings of the citizens by the ruling power is a great threat to the practice of democracy in Nigeria. The history of Nigeria still wallows in the abyss of political destruction marked by corruption, selfishness, ethnicity, nepotism, etc. - charges from political psychopaths who insanely guide the citizenry like inanimate objects. The talk fact and die principle in Nigeria’s unfortunate democracy still secretly lingers on, all since the era of the unfortunate colonization, when the primordial political, cultural, religious and economic settings were forcefully and tactfully replaced by the destined race.  

           Am I saying we should riot? This is Nigeria, where 99% of what is ongoing is not truly known to her citizens, where the powers compress the citizens to the trash heap, an action which will soon going to breed disaster sooner. The history and contemporary situations of Nigeria are similar topics of different discourse- the rate of her speed to anarchism rises so rapid and wobbling. This is not the time to write against the ruling ‘political monarchs’ but to keep appealing to only the cruel minds and ill-raced, poverty-mindset people in Nigeria’s politics who can go extra mile to extract pleasure from unfortunate incidences. Now the then clamored freedom and accountability are now inauspicious and also the held heritage is flinging out of hands. 
Taking to a day news in Nigeria, from the Fulani herdsmen attacked farmers in almost southwestern part of the country, the repel of the attack in Oyo state by the Yoruba messiah, Sunday Igboho (and his co-fighters), the shutdown of crypto currencies in Naija, to the leaked sex tape by the (claimed) LAUTECH student; is evident that the trends in Nigeria are the opposite features of true democracy as Sunday Igboho was attacked (by his Yoruba people), a great support coming from the federal government  to the Fulanis, the mixture of real and fake Fulanis influencing/adding to  the atrocities of this unknown ethnic group that are ahistorical and with creaky records of migrations or immigrations. 
The government is not protecting and unfortunately the citizens cannot by law possess arms to safeguard themselves from any attacks. Fine, being active like Omoyele Sowore, Fani-Kayode or Reno Omokri may be inimical to your live hold. These are big guns of the society who get egos to repel or dispute wets on their bodies. 

          My article is an appeal to the big minds behind Nigeria’s politics to please have mercy. I mean the original men behind the door making patterns for the decisions to make tomorrows. Supporting the system won’t be a difficult task for those who really possess the spirit of unity, not those who claimed to build thirty storey building in their campaigns and they end up demolishing the nation’s flat. An appeal to the big minds; to the masterminds.  Let the budding leaders showcase the natural potentials. I believe in a better Nigeria. One day! Freedom is near! 
            TW: @Tadexprof 
Sunday Igboho, crypto Currencies, Lekki Toll Gate, Fulani Herdsmen, Olosho: A Travel to Anarchy. Sunday Igboho, crypto Currencies, Lekki Toll Gate, Fulani Herdsmen, Olosho: A Travel to Anarchy. Reviewed by Faforiji Tadese Obaloluwa on February 08, 2021 Rating: 5

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