#TuleChallenge: the justification of threats on Davido's (music) life

#TuleChallenge: The Justification of Threat on Davido's (Music) Life. 

  #TuleChallenge: Envy: 'He was born rich' story. 

          Faforiji Tadese Obaloluwa. 

Davido. Source: TW

           The methods and manner of relating the history and contemporary states of David Adeleke, Davido, still remain in stereotype. This hasn't been from the assertion of his own self but the force of unfortunate black mindset towards a successful person.

           Davido has been striving so hard to delete this memory, however it lingers on in our society and I am not sure if next generations won't meet this. This is a means to derail his memorable and ever fantastic achievements in Nigeria's music as a whole. To the laymen, even among the so called Nigeria's musicians, "he was born rich, so he met all to be fun and playful."

        Just of recent we heard of the disagreement between Burna Boy and Davido in a Ghanian club. All in all, the story roused emotions and dismantled all, as trouble fall on them.  

source: TW

   Though everyone knows the truth and we tend to keep it secret and we utter that which are baseless and earsore. 

source: TW

A Better Time has revolutionised Nigeria's music on its own. He keeps giving out best in him and fortunately he doesn't behave like a god! He shows he is normal human like us!  No reason to envy! 

     With #TuleChallenge, let year 2020 sink with the 'born rich' story and let's utter that of him which are something fishy. 

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