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Phrase: 'she can last twenty-eight hours on bed:' a hit on keyboard- Tadese Faforiji

Phrases: Curves, booms, hot, butts, very proud of my sexual capacity! 

Sexual Violence (in Nigeria): Who is searching for Sex!
       FAFORIJI Tadese Obaloluwa. 

       Sexual violence simply means an act of advancing sexual acts using coercion/ threat/ force etc. Therefore it will result to sadism - enjoying (sexual) pleasure by inflicting pain on others. According to WORLD REPORT ON VIOLENCE AND HEALTH, sexual violence is defined as thus: 

      “Any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act, unwanted sexual comments or advances, or acts to traffic, or otherwise directed, against a person’s sexuality using coercion, by any person regardless of their relationship to the victim, in any setting, including but not limited to home and work1

        There are many voices against this brutish and uncultured act, but still it lingers on our society and it’s now becoming more of norms than crime. The globalization of world politics as a major factor responsible for the increment of social violence, is also the major threat to world peace. What is amazing is that, if most parts of the world have been balkanized between Islam and Christianity (which both preach against sexual violence), what is then increasing the rate of this act all over the world? Down here to our country, “Despite the widespread outcry over the rising cases of rape in Nigeria, there seems to be no end to the nemesis.2” After Islam, Christianity is the second most populated religion in Nigeria. So, who is now searching for sex? 
       There are many scholarly analysis about this unfortunate incident, but it will never come to pass to have lower rate of sexual violence in this country unless we propagate and maintain that of ours not that of Europe or America, where in truth this act is being launched to the world  in the pretext of promoting western culture and civilization.  I know not maybe the most popular porn site is owned by an American or European, but I am 98% sure that the workers in the industry (porn star) would be mostly the white, if not all. 

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     Why the Rise of Sexual Violence in Nigeria

   Then back to history, Nigerians were great adheres of their cultural values. The heritage that preaches morality, education, arts, etc. It ‘was’ forbidden for a lady to be deflowered prior to marriage and all sanctimonious ceremony. Especially among the Yorubas, if such thing happened, it would be an embarrassing moment and a very ridiculous disgrace for  such lady on that day and afterwards, as her man would not dignify her by sending the ‘knot of virginity’ emblem (in form of message) to her family. Besides, she would not have the utmost respect a wife should enjoy from her husband. I am very sure that the case will be the same in Hausa land and among the Ibos as well.  But that was then!  Colonization and globalization which mixed both fortunate and unfortunate races together precipitated this! 

      The first reason for the cause of the rise is the deletion of the spiritual aspect of sex itself. Nigeria becoming more of unfortunate secular state than then when Zina had a deep and fearful meaning to us. Even though………  “In as much you can have safe sex’’ This is the statement of the world and the presence of biodegradable invention absolutely makes the world ‘a dishevel society’ that see the world in a synchronous manner. Then it is the work of the pious to make use of social media to let them know sex isn’t something physical alone, but more of spiritual! 
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Social media is also a great threat to the reduction of sexual violence. Though Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, are against posts which contain nudity, but still it is obvious that nude pictures blossom in all of them. If showing ‘curves’, ‘breasts’ and secret propagation of plastic surgery and others (recreating oneself which is a very huge sin) are obvious, then how is it possible to end sexual violence. Or those irrationalities are not sexually violent? To shape and save the next generation in this country, websites which only deal with nudity should not be permitted for Nigerians to access. And Facebook and others should stop selling out big booms and curves, they arouse too.  

     It hardly occurs an act of sexual violence from a stranger. It is mostly that best friends, step father, old friend, boss, etc. Obviously ladies cause part and most of the stuffs of violence with their dressing especially. Indecent dressing is now a common thing in our society and our perceptions, in truth, finally see it as nothing. Of course we can still save the next generation, first by abstaining ourselves from the force of sexual thought, dressing decently, sticking to morals and religion, stop trading with TV channels that shows breast, curves or use nudity to market themselves, letting the young ones know now that ‘sex isn’t just physical,’ and keep on repeating this to save our lives from the wrath of God. 
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Don't be moved with sexual topic! Save your generation! 
Thanks for reading. 

  Faforiji Tadese Obaloluwa


Phrase: 'she can last twenty-eight hours on bed:' a hit on keyboard- Tadese Faforiji Phrase: 'she can last twenty-eight hours on bed:' a hit on keyboard- Tadese Faforiji Reviewed by Faforiji Tadese Obaloluwa on January 14, 2021 Rating: 5

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