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Nigeria’s Politics: The Chains and The Martyrs

               FAFORIJI Tadese Obaloluwa.                               
     Today, it is disheartening to notice some kinds of irrelevant things happening in Nigeria’s politics. Politics is not a dirty game as being claimed by tens of thousands of people, but in Nigeria, it remains in stereotype in terms of its players. Supporters of different political parties may end their lives in mayhems caused prior to elections, when Nigeria, as at now, is not worthy of dying for. Have we ever noticed that we are being ruled by the same people we read their history as Nigeria’s governors? Not too unfortunate, but the steps to Nigeria’s greatness fall in digression every day. As a typical political being, notice the chains in Nigeria’s politics and you will actually see naught worthy of given spectacular importance. 

       In the pretext of having specific ambition to ease the burden of Nigerians, some politicians have tasted millions of political parties in the country. If he fails under the platform of a party, he moves to another until the desperate ambition is achieved- to amass wealth by all means. Why won’t they, when the ruled will call them ‘mumu’ for not making millions when they were in political offices? Despite the rapid movement of these political figures from a party to the other, their gullible and sheepish followers will keep shouting the greatness of each party they move to. In Nigeria, all parties are theoretical great, and it is obviously clear that we are running two party system- a system where we have two major political parties and others in the country. 

     Not minding the differences in ideologies, several political figures have been in many parties to get the targeted political offices. What is the ideology of each political party in Nigeria? A question to ask the unknown. We are Nigerians being ruled by the same historic and contemporary political figures, despite the presence of many political parties in the country. There is no apparent ideology of political parties in Nigeria. The current governors of Nigeria—e.g. President Buhari, Obasanjo, Tinubu, Aregbesola, Adams Oshiomole etc-- are the lineage descendants of the historic governors—e.g Obasanjo, Gen Buhari, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida etc.  

     The two major political parties in Nigeria are Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC). These are parties with ‘same members.’ Apart from different sorts of marriage alliances between both party members, the current members of APC were PDP members and the members of PDP were APC members. I have noticed something in Nigeria’s political history: all politicians are members of the ruling party. Or the ruling party always have the highest number of members, including those that switch to the left and right. With bogus excuse, some politicians will leave a party and join another party, just to get what they want by all means.

    While Nigerian politicians are products of same origin, which connect in chains, Nigeria’s political martyrs are people with low mentality. Rare elections have been conducted without loss of lives and properties. Who and what are we dying for?   The following people occupied positions in their former parties and still occupy particular positions in their present parties. This is kick to the past to shave the present gullible followers of ‘black’ politics

--President M. Buhari: 2003 was a member of All Peoples Party, ANPP 2007, Congress for Progressive Change 2011, and later the almagamation of  CAN, APGA and CPC resulted to APC, the now party of our president.  
--Olusegun Mimiko(Ondo): He was a member of AD, LP, PDP, and now a member and national leader of ZLP.
Ozagie Ize-Iyamu(Edo): He was a member of PDP, and now APC. He contested for governorship position first under the platform of PDP. He lost to Gov. Obaseki. Mr Ozagie decamped to APC and contested for the second time under the platform of the party against Gov. Obaseki, who has also defecated to the PDP. Unfortunately he still lost to the ruling governor, Gov. Godwin Obaseki.
--Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola(Osun):  He was a member of PDP, APC and now a PDP member. He was the governor of Osun state under the PDP platform before defeated by Ogbeni Abd-Rauf Aregbesola in 2010. The battle between Aregbola and Oyinlola was so severe that many people lost their lives and properties to it. Even the skirmishes reached the local areas, especially villages in Atakunmosa East, where I was, then. Just a few months after the court declared Ogbeni Aregbesola the governor of Osun State, Prince Oyinlola defected to APC. He was later seen smiling with the governor. Summarily, the lives that have been lost to the fray are wasted forever! 
      All in all, play the game but don’t die in the game. All parties in Nigeria are with same members, or different members connectedly. No one should die because of capricious Nigerian politicians. Some really do have human feelings but most really deeply lack the glorious virtue. Let’s all know ourselves. Don’t die for irrationality! God bless Nigeria. 

FAFORIJI Tadese Obaloluwa. 
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