Incredible: I will buy Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester FCs in the next two days- Thomas Abiodun boasts.

Apparent Crazy Talks Among Nigerian Football Fans.
strict arguments among football fans in Akungba Akoko.Photo Cr: Tadese Faforiji. 

   FAFORIJI Tadese Obaloluwa. 

        Nigeria is a culturally blessed country that even a minor or insignificant slang may trend for months,  and the spread of this innovations is largely influenced by the use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media platform. For an instance, the "Soro Soke" slang went viral just a bit after its birth. Following this birth, the Soro Soke generation also birthed some songs backing the use of the slang as against police (SARS) brutality in Nigeria---Soro Soke Weyrey!

         It is obvious that Nigerians are lovers of (football) sports. Now it is very difficult to separate European culture from that of ours. This is not a scold anyway, but just a notice. An average Nigerian will rather eat not instead of him depriving himself from watching football matches. In the football house there, many things happen including yeyelism (mocking). We've heard several news of some Nigerian lovers of European football clubs (Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Chelsea and others---- I know little about those clubs but I know these three clubs because of their venoms unleashed on crazy Nigerian football fans)  who drown themselves or commit suicide after their loved clubs lose in significant matches. 

        What always marvels me is the chats of these lovers when talking about their clubs. I once while thought my brother was the owner of Chelsea FC because he sometimes talked like the owner or the coach. Don't you mind getting this stuffs along? Follow this crazy chats among Nigerians about football. Mind you, they are just lovers, fans and not coaches or captains. This is Kunle a Chelsea fan, Thomas, a Manchester fan, and Ismael, Liverpool fan. This is an ongoing discourse in the streets of Akungba as the guy keeps saying he wants to buy the three named clubs on Monday! 

Chatting becoming more severe. The second guy closes his eyes to load an Akungba curse on the speaker, the third guy is tired and the last is busing laughing sarcastically to the discourse. Photo Cr: Tadese Faforiji

Kunle (Aguero): If I get two more players, you can't win this Champions League. You can bet it! 

Thomas (Last B): You always talk rubbish. Didn't you get players in the last season? What did you achieve? I've been beating you both home and away for decades bro. And u go eat am well dis season. 

Ismael: forget Thomas. U no fit! If I handle both una for dis season, I swear u go run! 

Aguero: Lol.  nah lie. Wia b u wen I don collect 17 cups! 

Last B:  Let's c wu go win. Ajeh u go no say kakkhi no be leather!
   Abiodun Thomas.

   As I am writing, my pen is laughing. I wish to write more of it but my pen may die of laughing. Happy weekend and enjoy your football matches. I also want to buy D. Costa and C. Ronaldo.  Nah my club go win ooooooooooooo

FAFORIJI Tadese Obaloluwa. 

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Incredible: I will buy Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester FCs in the next two days- Thomas Abiodun boasts. Incredible: I will buy Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester FCs in the next two days- Thomas Abiodun boasts. Reviewed by Faforiji Tadese Obaloluwa on November 21, 2020 Rating: 5

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