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You can now Download "WhatsApp spy" App on Ayomite media for free, before Downloading, kindly read through its features below; kindly share Link with friends Too, Read more about WhatsApp Spy below:

What is WhatsApp spy?
WhatsApp spy is a program/app that
can be secretly installed on the
smartphones of your kids, partner or employees meanwhile Sign up is free.
WhatsApp spy app enables you
to record their WhatsApp
messages, audio and video files
attached, phone calls, use the
phone’s camera to secretly take
pictures, spy on SMS, MMS,
It also saves audio and video
files from Facebook messages.
So you can track Facebook
messages no problem. The
program can also record all
internet activity, calendar data,
contacts, and even geo-

WhatsApp Spy Functions:

You can use WhatsApp Spy to always know
the location of the android device on which
you have installed it. Furthermore, the energy
efficient algorithms of this program prevent
GPS function from draining the device’s
battery too quickly.

•Call Recording
WhatsApp Spy records all phone calls
including contact information and the
duration of the call. All this information is
then sent to your online account

Even on an unrooted device, WhatsApp Spy
will be hidden from the user, unless they
know what to look for
Monitoring SMS, MMS, Facebook, and
WhatsApp messages
All messages, pictures, videos, and audio
files that were sent through the device will be
recorded by the app even if the user tries to delete them
Monitor 5 devices.

A single account can also monitor up to 5 android devices including phones and tablets
Front Camera Photos
Every time the phone is unlocked a picture
will be made and sent to the Reports section
of your account
Internet activity
Everything that the user does online will be
monitored, even if they attempt to use
Incognito mode on their browser
Changing SIM Card
Every time a user changes their SIM card,a
notification will be sent to your online

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