HIVE FIRM REVIEW: Scam Or Legit? - Make N2000 Weekly On Hive Firm

Hive firm is an online site where people can post and blog ideas. Get paid for every up votes and comments you get on your posts. Grow your businesses. and start conversations with customers and people interested.

Hive firm allows all users to post what ever makes them happy. unlike every other social platform, you will earn money for every upvote, comments and other activities from the audience.

The heart of Hive firm is blogging, promotions, questions and earnings.

On Hive firm we believe that your skills, knowledge, passions and questions could be useful to other people and therefore have a market value. That’s why we developed a technologically advanced platform for everyone. You may have been in a situation where you needed friendly advices, a consultant or a professional who could answer to your questions but you didn’t know who to turn to and where you could find an answer at short notice.

Hive firm is a Marketplace of KNOWLEDGE, where people can put their knowledge and skills on the market and earn from it as others get involved.

Have you ever thought about how great it would be to earn for asking questions and publishing a post useful to other people ? On Hive firm this dream becomes reality.


Hive firm is a place where you can ask questions you care about and get answers that are amazing. Promote what you do. Blog what you love, answer questions and have fun in general while you earn money frequently for as long as you want.

Hive firm brings together people from different places to answer the same question, in the same place, earn money and learn from each other.


We want Hive firm to be the place to share and gain knowledge while earning from it. Hive firm is a sustainable avenue for everyone to earn and also a fun business ground for everybody.

Hive firm is where you can read important insights that have never been shared anywhere else. from people you could never reach in any other way.


As a member on Hive firm you have many ways you will earn.

Receive 1,000 hive coin when you upgrade to premium

You will receive 4000 Hivecoin for any new member that you invite with your hiveID.

Earn up to 100 hive coin daily for sharing your Hive id on other social platforms or other channels using our share button on your dashboard.

Earn 2 hive coin for every votes you cast on other peoples posts.

Earn 3 hive coin for every up votes you get on your own posts from other users.

Earn 3 hive coin for every comments you on your posts from other users.

Amount you can withdraw is 10,000 Hivecoin and above. (eg H10,000 = N2000). applicable to every other country participating on Hive firm.

HIVE FIRM REVIEW: Scam Or Legit? - Make N2000 Weekly On Hive Firm HIVE FIRM REVIEW: Scam Or Legit? - Make N2000 Weekly On Hive Firm Reviewed by Ojo Ayomiotan Daniel(c.e.o Ayomite media) on February 20, 2020 Rating: 5

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