FUTA Suspends Students involved in BullyingMate off Campus

Federal University of Technology,Akure popularly known in Nigeria as (FUTA) Suspends Students involved in Bullying
Mate off Campus ,Promises Stiff Sanctions
The Federal University of Technology Akure
,FUTA has suspended the students involved in
the bullying of a female student in one of the off
campus hostels on Saturday November
16,2019 indefinitely from all academic and
related activities even as it continues with
investigations into the circumstances that led
to the odious and unfortunate act. In effect the
suspended students are not to be found
anywhere in or near the precincts of the Federal
University of Technology Akure.
The University deplores such behavior and
reiterates that all those found to be culpable will
be visited with the full weight of the law under
the extant rules and regulations governing
Students behavior and conduct off and on the
campus at the conclusion of investigation being
carried out by the Students Affairs Division.
The University Management is providing
medical and counseling support for the affected

The University reiterates its abhorrence of any
action or behavior by students that are inimical
to the well-being of others and will continue to
sanction students who run foul of its rules and
For the avoidance of doubt only students who
are worthy in learning and character can lay
claim to and be addressed as FUTA students
Adegbenro Adebanjo
Deputy Director
Corporate Communications
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