Paint Business And Guide - How To Start Paint Production Business In Lagos, Nigeria

How to set up paint business in Nigeria - Getting started

Starting paint business in Nigeria is now becoming more easier with little capital due to manual aspects of production and Automatic aspects using machines for production,while manual aspect has made it easier for firms to produce paints easily with locally made method(manual) using Drum and stick(stirrer).

Common type of paints in Nigeria

As a starter, you are to start with the ones that will be mentioned below since these are lucrative and of high demand in building industry
(1) Emulsion paint
(2)Textured paint(text-coat)
(3) Gloss paint
(4) satin paint.

Popular Paint colours and number code

This is another essential things you need to know in paint business, I.e the colour and the code(number) examples;
*Brilliant white (9999)
*leaf green (6071)
*cream (3040)
*Rose pink (1020)

Management strategy in paints business

As a starter, it is necessary for you to bear the 3 in 1 management strategy if you can't afford to employ different managers as a starter I.e you bear the same name on your I.D card but different post on the card in these management aspect
•Material supply manager
•production Manager
•Sales Manager

Marketing Strategy in Paint business

You must not Allow location ignorance to limit your business strategy, paint are sold and used frequently in every parts of the world,you will succeed better when you expand your root map.

Project handling and canverssing in paint business

This is the gold mine of the business and the most lucrative aspect of the business to deal with clients and project works on contract.

Concluding the Article of paints business in Nigeria, you can start now to Earn later in massive,for more information on full guide and more.

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