List Of Top 5 Nigeria Military Ranks

These are the top 5 list of Nigeria military ranks containing the three military forces ranging from the highest rank of Army,Navy and Air-force
Below is the list of Top 5 Nigeria military rank and star;

          1st Rank(highest Rank)
-Field Marshal, Admits 5 star(Army)
-Admiral of the fleet, Admits 5 star(Navy)
-Marshal of the Air-force, admits 5 star(Air-force)

           2nd Rank
-General, Admits 4 star(Army)
-Admiral, Admits 4 star(Navy)
-Air chief Marshal, Admits 4 star(Air-force)

           3rd Rank
-Lieutenant, Admits 3 star (Army)
-vice Admiral, Admits 3 star(Navy)
-Air Marshal, Admits 3 star(Air-force)

           4th Rank
-Major General, Admits 2 star(Army)
-Rear Admiral, Admits 2 star(Navy)
-Air vice-Marshal, Admits 2 star(Air-force)

            5th Rank
-Brigadier General, Admits 1 star(Army)
-Commodore, Admits 1 star(Navy)
-Air Commodore, Admits 1 Star (Air-force)

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