Life And Death - Brief History About Nigerian Comic star Gbenga Adeboye

In respect of an iconic comic star artiste Late "Gbenga Adeboye", who died on April 30, 2003.
Elijah Oluwagbemiga Adeboye was born on 30
September 1959 at Odeomu, Osun State,
southwestern Nigeria.
He was a chief host of a popular radio program
presented in Lagos State Broadcasting
Corporation in the early 1980s where he got the
household name Funwontan Oduology.

Gbenga was described as a generous comedian
by a veteran Nigerian actress, Idowu Philips
whose first car was a gift from the comedian.
He was also described as merchant and
legendary king of traditional Oduology by his
fans before he died of kidney-related diseases
on April 30, 2003.
Gbenga Adeboye is the pioneer founder of
*FIBAN* in Nigeria, Freelance and Independent
Broadcasters' Association of Nigeria. An
independent cooperate body of qualified
At birth, he was known as Elijah Oluwagbemiga
Adeboye. Some of the names are Funwontan,
Alhaji Pastor Oluwo, Abefe, Jengbetiele, Itu
baba Ita, Alaye mi Gbengulo, one man battalion,
Laisi Abesupinle.
Before his death, he was a versatile entertainer
and man of many talents, An orator, comedian,
master of ceremony, broadcaster and
His programmme on Lagos State Broadcasting
Corporation gave him the pseudo-name
During his lifetime and at his death, he was
described as a generous and careful person.
Alaye mi Gbengulo, as he was called by fans,
was a mentor to many talents.
Some of those who hold him in high esteem
are: Abbey Fagboro, Ereke ni Soobu , Bashiru
Adisa better known as Baba Gboin.
Fathia Balogun, Nollywood actress hit limelight
when she featured as a dancer in one of his
music videos.

Mysteries of Wednesday in his life

•He was born on Wednesday
•He was died on Wednesday
•He started his education on Wednesday
•He released his first album on Wednesday
•His first trip to america was on Wednesday
•He started presenting on radio on Wednesday
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