Important Apps you need as a "blogger" blogger

For newbies and pro blogger, there are some app required for you to have installed on your smart phone instead of carrying laptop everywhere you go,I will be providing you some necessary apps while all are available in Google play store, below are the list;

*Blogger app(for publishing)
*Blog it app(for publishing)
*puffin browser app/uc browser/chrome
*Google AdSense app(viewing earnings)
*Androzip app(for unziping templates)
*Photo resize app(resizing photo)
*vidcompact app(use to compress video)
*photo grid app(edit photo)
all the apps provided above are very useful inline with blogging and also pertaining to photo editing and video,you will surely need them for easy blogging..
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author: ojo Ayomiotan.
Important Apps you need as a "blogger" blogger Important Apps you need as a "blogger" blogger Reviewed by Ojo Ayomiotan Daniel,Tech savvy, c.e.o of Ayomiteblog media on January 24, 2018 Rating: 5


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