Health Care : 7 food you must avoid if you are 40 years and above

Are you up to 40 years and above and you still eats junks that can cause effects to your health, growth and lifestyle.

Do you know that growth, changes and development affects everything about you from choice of peers, clothes to what
you eat daily.
“You are what you eat,” as quoted by health experts.  But the question is, do you really care about the food you eat?

Below is the list of 7 foods you must avoid if you are 40 years and above; need to read and share this with friends and family

1. Red or processed meat
Research has shown that consumption
of red meat like beef could increase
your risk of having bowel cancer by
17%, compared to those who ate less.
Cooking meat at high temperatures,
such as grilling or barbequing, can
create chemicals in the meat that may
increase the risk of cancer. These
chemicals are generally produced in
higher levels in red and processed meat
compared to other meats.

2. Margarine
Studies has shown that saturated fat in
Margarine increases the risk of stroke,
heart disease, diabetes or early death
by 34% For your meals, its is
adviseable to use cooking oil low in

3. Carbonated drinks
It is a proven fact that sugar increases
insulin levels, which can lead to high
blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart
disease, diabetes, weight
gain premature aging and many more
negative side effects. Such drinks
contain over 100% of the
recommended dietary allowance of
Opt for fresh fruit juice, smoothies and
more water instead.
Carbonated drinks

4. Egg yolk
Research has proven that egg yolk
contains high level of cholesterol which
is bad for your heart. It is advised to
leave this for growing babies and
younger adults.
File photo of egg yolk

5. Fried food
Food should be prepared under high
temperature could affect the state of
the heart. Same applies to fried,
roasted and grilled foods. Cooked
meals are usually healthier than fried
Fried meat

6. Starchy food
At 40 and above, experts advice that
you eat more of fruits and vegetables
as some of their vitamins that can help
replace worn out tissues rather than
starchy foods.
Research has proven that fruits and
vegetables have anti-aging properties
that can make you look younger.
Bread made of flour

7. Junk food
Although most of these foods are cheap
and readily available, they contain high
levels of calories from sugar or fat with
little nutritional value. These foods are
usually very appealing and attractive
but they could be bad for your health.

It is advisable you consume more fruits,
drink more water, eat more vegetables....

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