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•EDEN POWER solar Generator.

Order for Portable Solar Generator with 10W DC Fan and 50W Solar Panel with Installation.

1) DC Input 18V/3A 80,000mAh/296Wh  Power Box

2) 1 50W Solar Monocrystalline Panel

3) Torch

4) 1 phone charging cable

5) AC input charging

6) Car Charging Port

7) 16 inches 10W DC Pedestal Fan

8) 300W AC Output

9) 5 Year Battery Life (Lithium Polymer Battery)

10) 1,000 Lifecycles

• 6000mAh Salpha Blaze Solar Energy Lighting Kit 3 Bulbs

NEPA Charging – YES with direct power cable
   -  Solar Charging – YES
    Built-in Battery – 6000mAh
    -   Speaker – No
    -   Bluetooth – No
   -    MP3 Player – No
  -     FM Radio Receiver – No
  -     Head Lamp -Yes
 -     SD Memory Card Slot – No
 -     Satellite Lamp – YES
   -   USB Charging Port – yes
 -     LED Body/Side Lamp – yes
 -     Multi head USB charging cable – yes
   -   Main colours: Yellow and Black

• Automatic 12V Battery Charger Car Solar AGM GEL VRLA

-Input voltage: AC 220V/ 110v For Choice
-Output Voltage: DC 14.4V.
-12V 2AH-20AH
-Charger power cord length: 70cm
-Output line length: 40cm
-Color: Yellow
-Material: ABS
-Dimension: 125*65*40m

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