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Valentine or Vandalism: Dies After The Fourth Round, A Severe Warning!

   Valentine or Vandalism: dies after the fourth, a severe warning! 
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So……… according to Ayomite Media, she says, “I was eating the chicken the guy bought for me and later he asked me to enter one dark room, I tried to shout but…….” 

Valentine’s Day (Feb 14), according to popular views, is lovers’ day. On the other hands, it is a day where two lovers (especially couples) celebrate love and cheers. Though there are criticisms (religious doctrines) against this celebration, yet the stuff is now permanently fixed with other celebrations. Lovers usually go out, cheers and have merriments. Notably the celebration of this day has mostly shifted to adolescent lovers who use the day to showcase immoralities and irrationalities: known to some people as the day to enter the hairy bank (without any sanctimonious practices?) Without further ado, on this day, how do want your story to go on air? 

              On the Val day, the lady was pushed out from a black car, which furiously sped to the right direction facing the highway. The lady could not speak up except a sentence she kept reiterating: “two rounds” Unfortunately for her she died just a few minutes later. 
           It is advisable for lovers who are planning to enjoy the day to its extremity to be hallucinating the aftermath’s story. As it is well known the systems of communication and transportation have reached its summit, the whole internet will be full of different sorts of stories on this Val Day, having phrases like ‘dying after the fourth round,’ ‘lost her pant and bra,’ ‘pushed out from a Benz car,’ ‘he started crowing like a cock,’ ‘fall into the river while trying to take pictures,’ ‘so that was how I lost my virginity,’ ‘boyfriend breaks bottle on Val,’ etc. By now you should know the kind of your preferred article. 
           The leaked video by a (claimed) female student of LAUTECH with two other guys, let us know the evil of social media as the lady (her parents, school, relatives, SUR NAME) was publicly disgraced.  

      According to The Punch, The Nation or The Guardian, how do you want your story to be related to the whole world? As a news reader, I am gladly waiting for top headlines this coming Sunday, though I don’t know the characters that I will be reading on. Don’t be one. Stay safe

Valentine or Vandalism: Dies After The Fourth Round, A Severe Warning!     Valentine or Vandalism: Dies After The Fourth Round, A Severe Warning! Reviewed by Faforiji Tadese Obaloluwa on February 07, 2021 Rating: 5

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