Crimea Attack: 19 people killed,dozens injured in Russia college

According to the news breaking on BBC media and legit source,At least 19 people have been killed and dozens
more wounded in a shooting at a college in
Russian-annexed Crimea.
An 18-year-old student ran through the
technical college in Kerch firing at fellow pupils
before killing himself, Russian investigators
Officials and witnesses have also spoken of at
least one blast caused by an unidentified
explosive device.
Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 in a
move condemned by many Western powers.
The annexation marked the start of a
simmering conflict involving Russian-backed
rebels in eastern Ukraine that goes on to this

The alleged perpetrator, named Vladislav
Roslyakov, is reported to have run from room to
room as he fired, starting in the canteen. He
then shot himself dead, Russia's investigative
committee said.

Officials said initial examinations suggested all
the victims died of gunshot wounds, but some
reports speak of shrapnel injuries.
Soon after reports of a blast, investigators
released a statement saying an explosive device
filled with "metal objects" had detonated in the
dining area.
Several witnesses maintain they heard one or
more explosions.
Investigators later said they found a second
device among the personal possessions of the
gunman and that it had been disarmed.
BBC Russian has been speaking to witnesses,
including Igor Zakharevsky, who was in the
canteen when the gunman struck..the witness stated..
"I was at the epicentre of the first explosion, at
the entrance, near the buffet," he said.
"I was in complete shock and one of my
classmates started pulling me away. Then I
heard several shots at intervals of two or three
seconds. After a while there was another
National guard soldiers were deployed and
schools and pre-schools in the city were
A businessman near the college described
hearing an explosion and seeing a large window
shatter...what an horrible scenario concluding the killing and injuries in Russia..
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