3 deadly types of cancers killing Nigerian women daily

Women therefore, should know some of
the things that make them come up
with the three major types of cancers,
which sniff out their dear lives daily.
1. Breast cancer
Breast cancer occurs when there is an
abnormal proliferation of cells in the
tissue of a woman’s breast. Some
breast cancers take a long time before
they become revealed, while others do
Women are always advised to practise
Breast Self-Examination (BSE) in front
of a standing mirror regularly. In case,
they notice any lump in either or both
breasts, they should report it to the

2. Cervical cancer
Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) is majorly
responsible for this type of virus.
HPV is so common that nearly all
sexually active men and women get it at
some point in their lives. There are
many different types of HPV. Some
types can cause health problems
including genital warts and cancers.
The easiest way to prevent cervical
cancer in females is to ensure the baby
girl gets the HPV vaccination a few
weeks after delivery.
3. Ovarian cancer
The danger of this type of cancer is that
it blocks the activities of the ovary from
producing normal eggs, in which the
sperm would fertilise to become a
zygote. Also, a woman who has ovarian
cancer, in extreme cases, could have
her ovary damaged, thereby making the
issue of conceiving a foetus a major
In a research carried out by Olufemi
Ogunbiyi and some other scientists,
they discovered that cancer has become
a major source of morbidity and
mortality globally.
Despite the threat that cancer poses to
public health in sub-Saharan Africa
(SSA), few countries in this region have
data on cancer incidence.
In their findings, the researchers
presented estimates of cancer incidence
in Nigeria based on data from 2
population-based cancer registries
(PBCR), that were part of the Nigerian
national cancer registry program.
They analysed data from 2 population
based cancer registries in Nigeria, the
Ibadan Population Based Cancer
Registry (IBCR) and the Abuja
Population Based Cancer Registry
(ABCR) covering a two year period, that
is 2009 to 2010.
Data were reported by registry, gender
and in age groups. They presented data
on the age specific incidence rates of all
invasive cancers of the most common
cancers stratified by gender in both
In ABCR, it was 138.6 per 100000 for
women. A total of 3393 cancer cases
were reported by the IBCR. Of these
cases, 66% (2238) were in females
In Abuja over the same period, 1128
invasive cancers were reported, with
66.4% (768) in females.
Breast and cervical cancer were the
commonest cancers among women.
Cervical cancer ASR at the IBCR was
36.0 per 100000 and 30.3 per 100000 at
the ABCR.
The observed differences in incidence
rates of breast and cervical cancers
between Ibadan and Abuja were not
much. Cancer incidence data from two
population based cancer registries in
Nigeria suggests substantial increase in
incidence of breast cancer in recent
Other things to know about cancers
generally are that a person could
inherit cancer cells from his or her
parents, some foods trigger cancer, as
well as lifestyle.

3 deadly types of cancers killing Nigerian women daily 3 deadly types of cancers
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