Diabetes Symptoms : 7 signs to watchout for at early stage of diabetes

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We all know the word "diabetes" and the sickness/disease is basically caused by excessive sugar,how Do I watch out?
Here are the 7 early signs to watch out for:

1. Frequent Urination
Also known as polyuria, frequent and/or
excessive urination is a sign that your
blood sugar is high enough to start to
spill into the urine. Because your
kidneys can’t keep up with the high
glucose levels, they allow some of that
sugar to go into your urine, where it
draws additional water, making you
have to urinate often.

2. Extreme Thirst
Extreme thirst is one of the first
noticeable symptoms of diabetes for
some. It’s tied to high blood sugar
levels, which cause thirst, and is
exacerbated by frequent urination.
Often, drinking won’t satisfy the thirst.

3. Increased Hunger
Intense hunger, or polyphagia, is also
an early warning sign of diabetes. Your
body uses the sugar in your blood to
feed your cells. When the cells can’t
absorb the sugar (because of a lack of
insulin), your body looks for more
sources of fuel, causing persistent

4. Nerve Pain or Numbness
You might experience tingling or
numbness in your hands, fingers, feet,
and toes. This is a sign of diabetic
neuropathy, or nerve damage. You are
most likely to experience this after
several years of living with diabetes.

5. Slow Healing Wounds
There are several reasons why a wound
will heal more slowly if you have
diabetes. Poor circulation, the effects of
high blood sugar on blood vessels, and
immunodeficiency are just a few. If you
experience frequent infections or
wounds that are slow to heal, it could
be an early symptom.

6. Blurred Vision
Blurred vision occurs early in
unmanaged diabetes. It can be a sign of
high blood sugar levels, which cause
fluid to shift into the lens of the eye.
This usually resolves when blood sugar
levels normalize.

7. Dark Skin Patches
Dark discoloration in the folds of your
skin is called acanthosis, nigricans and
is another early warning sign of type 2
diabetes. They are most common in the
armpits, neck, and groin
regions, according to the Mayo Clinic...

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